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This is a digital product.

Please read below before you proceed with purchase:

- You will need to have a printer.
- The file provided is PDF.
- The file is for you to print on an A4 paper.
- Always set the scale to 100% when you are at Print Setting.
- The Self Care Journal consists of The Monthly Hydro Journal and The Practice of Gratitude. They are both A5 size. You can choose to keep them together or if you would like to separate it, you can cut down at the center. I do not provide any cutting line as to create a cleaner look.

How to use The Practice of Gratitude:
This practice has been taught to me since I was young. My mum always reminded me of all the blessings that were given to me, regardless how small. Life is a collection of moments, small moments put together. Those small things matter more than you give credit for. 

Write down things you are grateful for. Be genuine with your gratitude. Think about something that truly feels good within you. You can use this as a monthly, weekly or ongoing entry.

How to use the Monthly Hydro Journal:
Write down the month. Write down the number of glasses per day you would like to set as a goal. With every day you've accomplished your daily goal, shade the crescent moon in the space provided. There are 31 crescent moons as to provide flexibility. You don't have to begin at the start of the month (although usually it is a good way to start things), you can begin anytime!


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