Artist / Illustrator
Melancholy Memento is inspired by femininity, mythology, melancholia and witchcraft. My illustrations are essentially a diary where I share thoughts, appreciation of life and what it means to be a woman. Through my work I hope that I can connect with others and for them to conjure strength from within; like a talisman.

I work mainly with fineliners. All illustrations are prints of my original. I don't usually plan on how the end result would look like. I start with a subject and a pose. From there, I let everything create itself. It's a very natural process, letting the subconscious take over and see where it would lead me.

Other Worlds Zine Fair June 23rd 2024

First time at Other Worlds Zine Fair, Mira will be bringing fresh new titles to her zine collection as well as reprints of the favourites.

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Oddities & Curiosities Expo Sydney

The expo is returning to Sydney and I will be selling more deliciously dark and witchy prints.

Oddities & Curiosities Expo Facebook Page