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Helios, a Risograph art print. The print was originally hand drawn with pen ink.

"Helios is the god and the personification of the sun. The illustration was a personal homage to the time I needed to spend outdoors due to the lack of sunshine in my daily rituals and how it affected my own health. The sun is a powerful and healing force that I often brushed aside as I’ve always been more drawn to the night.

Sometimes, I think about how amazing life on earth is. How the universe works. We live here on this beautiful blue green sphere, it’s in a position far and close enough to a source of energy for life to happen. You put a seed of a plant in moist soil and let the sun do its little thing and a green sprout appears. It is magic. At times, when life gets too much, I know it’s hard to see the end of a painful situation. I think believing in the little magic that surrounds us can give us that sense of wonderment even for a moment; and those moments are precious especially in this cold and unforgiving world. Embrace the magic."

The dimension is 8 x 10 inches.

The illustration is printed using Risograph on 216 gsm Vellum paper. It is a warm white paper. It is signed and numbered at the front.


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