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The Aurora woven patch is 7 x 9.5 cm.

It has an iron on backing however, it is strongly recommended to sew the patch as well especially if it's on thicker fabric like denim. 

The Aurora depicts the Sun and Moon with their light rays framed by the Ouroboros. 

The artwork is inspired by alchemical illustrations. The sun and moon are related to different meanings and concepts in alchemy. Sol et Luna. Masculine and Feminine. Gold & Silver. Here, the illustration sees a meeting point between the sun and the moon. The dawn of a new day, aurora. Alchemists of the past strived to find their Magnum Opus, their great work.

The Ouroboros symbolizes death and rebirth, an eternal life as much as it is an eternal search for the Magnum Opus. In our daily lives, we work hard to "seek" that great work whether you're a visionary or not. We fail and try again in order to achieve that point. As an artist myself, I find the image of the Ouroboros to be the utmost inspiration as with every project I work on, I strive to make the best. When one project ends, it is merely the beginning of new one. Another dawn. 


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