Where is my order?

If your items include tracking, you can track your shipment via Australia Post here with the number that was given to you.

If you have purchased items without tracking:

For International customers: Shipments take between 2-4 weeks. On average, it usually arrives within the 3 weeks mark. 

For Domestic customers: Shipments take between 3 - 8 working days. 


Where are your products made?

All paper products are printed in Australia. For tote bags, materials are made in China and printed in Australia. The enamel pins are made in China. 


What is the process of your art?

They are all based on my hand drawings created using pen ink. 


What is a Risograph?

A Risograph works similar to screen printing, in a way that it produces a Master sheet and the machine pushes ink through this sheet, one Master for one color. The machine itself looks very similar to a photocopier. Items that are Risograph-printed in the shop are the greeting cards and some of the art prints (it will be stated in the description).